Top 5 Best Inexpensive Hoverboard Review – 2022

Hobby is something that may drive you blindly and the hobby of Hoverboard ridding is one of them. Yes, I know that you will be thinking that keeping such an expensive hobby will be difficult to continue as it requires a great deal of money. Yes, you are right! having a hoverboard is not an easy thing to do, especially when it is too expensive. I know that some questions must be striking your head at the moment Like,

Is there any Inexpensive Hoverboard available in the market?

Will it be as attractive as an expensive one?

What will be the quality of an inexpensive Hoverboard?

Is it worth to go for it?

And how much will it cost?

So, we will provide satisfactory answers of all these questions along with additional information that will be helpful for you to make a good decision. Without wasting further time let’s jump into the main part of the article.

Best Inexpensive Hoverboard List

Sr# Products Price
1 Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard Check Price
2 TOMOLOO Hoverboard Check Price
3 Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter Check Price
4 Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Check Price
5 Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard Check Price

1. Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard, A Go-To Choose for Hoverboard Rider

Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard, A Go-To Choose for Hoverboard Rider
Max Speed Up to 10 mph
Max Range Up to 12 miles
Product Weight 22 lbs
Weight Limit 220 lbs
Wheels 6.5″
Charging Time Up to 3 hours
Foldable No
Recommended Age 13 and up

One of the best inexpensive Hoverboards it comes equipped with Brushless motor technology that is used in by Tesla in their cars. That is something awesome about the Hoverboard.

The most important thing that you must take in consideration before deciding a hoverboard is the wheels that play an important role in turning a decent hover-board into an awesome one.

It is equipped with 6.5 inches wheels. It is a desirable height that will keep you above at a certain height from ground level to provide a stable posture. So, unbalancing will not be an issue.

The device weighs only 22 pounds which is quite light. Both the above qualities make the new Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard a good candidate for daily personal transportation.

If you are a music lover and love to enjoy music while driving then this device will be a great option for you. The device provides the user with bottom speakers that will allow the user to blast his favorite music.

Listening to music down the road may sometimes cause some problems. That is why the Bluetooth technology is introduced. It will allow you to listen to your favorite music down the road through your Bluetooth device without disturbing others.

Another important thing about the new under 200$ hover-board that is called Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboards RBG lights. This is a decorative stunt that is used by most of the manufacturers these days.

These RBGs LED lights are mounted above the wheels of the hoverboard. These LED lights light in a different patterns that increases the attractiveness of the device. These lights give a pleasant touch to the device that attracts everyone.

It is packed with a front-facing dual LED light. The dual LED lights have a dual functionality as well.

First of all, it can be used as Front headlights that will ensure 6.5 feet visibility. This is enough visibility that will help the user to avoid any obstacle. It will also help others to see hoverboard form far distance which means that it can be used to avoid any savior accident.

The second factor is that it can be used as a decorative factor that will make the look of the device catchier and more attractive.

 The hoverboard will be paired with a powerful battery to ensure enough backup. The capacity of the battery is enough that will give 5-6 hours ride once it is fully charged. To refuel the battery will consume 150-180 minutes.

In order to use the hoverboard for a longer period of time, you have to follow the weight limit instructions.

The gadget can bear up to 220 LB weight. Though this is enough weight for a hoverboard at such a reasonable price. As the weight limit of the machine is enough so, almost everyone can go for it.

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy chassis will ensure durability. Though it is tested for 300 pounds but we can say it can easily bear up to 220 pounds.

 The speed limit and the distance covering capability of this Inexpensive Hoverboard is exceptional. It Speed at which you can drive the device 20 kph and it can cover a distance of 20 kilometers once it is fully charged.

The protective bumpers are the new feature that is added to the latest versions of the hoverboards to make it more secure to use. It will help you in balancing the device.

  • Powerful battery
  • 6.5” wheels
  • RBG lights for decoration
  • Headlights for better vision
  • Rapid Speed of 20 kilometer per hour
  • Protective bumpers
  • Good for kids and adults
  • Not good for inclined surfaces.
  • Battery timing is one of the deficiencies of the gadget.

2. TOMOLOO Hoverboard, A Self-Balancing Device With Bluetooth Speakers

TOMOLOO Hover-board, A Self-Balancing Device With Bluetooth Speakers
Net Weight: 17.64lbs
Load: 44-165lbs
Max Speed: 12km/h
Battery Voltage : 25.2 V
Wheel Size: 6.5 inches

This is the second one of our lists. Let’s see some of the main features of this gigantic hover-board.

The most important thing about this hoverboard is that it is an affordable one. If you don’t have much to spend on a high-end device then this may be your go-to choice. The under 200$ gadget offers more than what you imagine.

The most concerning thing about these self-balancing scooters is that it can expose to a savior injury that can cost a permanent damage. But you don’t need to worry about anything because this is the enterprise that holds the US UL2272 certification.

The above certification is an authority for the enterprise which shows that how determent they are about the safety of customer’s health.

Listening to music is a favorite hobby these days because driving sometimes becomes a boring hobby. So, to avoid that boring journey the company has packed the device with Bluetooth speakers that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music down the road.

 The device is featuring 5 different RBG lights that make the hover-board more attractive. The timing of light is connected to the Bluetooth that switching according to the music played via Bluetooth. A unique look with a reasonable price tag.

The front-facing LED lights are there to provide users with a clear vision to avoid any obstacle. Both the lighting systems of the device provide an attractive look as well as a safety measure that is visible from a far distance.

The hover-board features a durable and stable mainboard that ensures stability. Mainboard is very important for users because a weak board can cause problems.

The weight shows that the hover-board is specially designed for kids and adults with moderate weight. Its weight that can be applied to the device must be between 44 to 165 pounds.

Looking at the price of the gadget you can’t expect an express speed form the device. But still, you can reach a maximum level of 12 kph. This is enough speed that will allow you to reach anywhere you want in time.

The perfect size of wheels for a hover-board is about 6.5” as most of the companies use this size as a standard. So, there is no difference between the tire size of the above-mentioned device and this one.

TOMOLOO Hover-board is paired with 25.2 V batteries. It will provide 4 hours backup once fully charged.

  • US UL2272 Certified
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Good for kids and adults
  • Can bear a huge amount of weight
  • Good speed limit
  • Powerful battery
  • The speed Limit is not good

3. Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter, App Enable

Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter


Max Speed 7mph
Max Weight Load 160lbs
Wheel Size 6.5″
Max Distance 3M
Battery 36 V

This is another Hover-board that is Under 200$. Not expensive at all but the features are amazing.

UL Certification ensures that the gadget is safe to use. It also shows that the company is very conscious of the user’s health. Let’s explore some of the main features of the device.

The wheels of gadgets are the same that is the standard for everyone. 6.5 inches wheels will produce the desire results.

The maximum speed limit of the device is 7 miles per hour. This is enough speed limit. You will have issues if your school or office is 12 kilometers from your house because you can cover it with a minimum effort.

The mainboard is the part of a hover-board because it holds all the functions of the device and also provides the user with a favorable environment. So, the board of the Hover-1 Helix Electric is a solid one that will ensure durability.

The device is tough enough that can bear up to 165 lbs. It means that adults can use it.

To increase the attraction of the device it has been packed RBG lights that are housed in the wheels. The RBGs in the wheels present a different look altogether.

The front-facing of the gadget has got LED headlights. It can be used to avoid obstacles and hurdles. It can increase the attractiveness of the hover-board.

UL2272-Certified battery- UL-certified power cord- MSDS and UN 38. 3 tested. The battery has got 10 cells inside to ensure enough backup time.

The gadget is got packed with 400w x 2 Brushless motor to ensure sufficient power that the device works properly for a long period of time.

  • UL 2272 Certified
  • 10 cells battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Good speed limit
  • Good for kids and adults
  • RBGs and Headlights for decoration and visibility purpose
  • Budget-friendly
  • Could use more attractive RGBs

4. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1
UL 2272 Certified
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Max. Load 220 lbs / 100 kg
Recommended Ages All Ages
Range per Charge 7~12 mi.
Learning Mode

This is a UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard Electric Self-Balancing Scooter. The certification ensures the quality and safety measurements of the gadget. The following are the specs that make the device a go-to choice for its users.

The brand is well and has stamped its authority in the market. Let’s have a look at the main features that you are going to get if you have made you to go for this awesome device.

The same standard formula of 6.5” has been applied on this same gadget as well. The scooter has no difference from other manufacturing companies regarding wheels.

The weight limit is outstanding. It can hold up to 220 lbs. This is enough weight to be borne by a self-balancing scooter. It means it can be used by adults as well.

The cruising speed of Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 is 8 miles per hour. Cover the distance in no time with this outstanding machine that has been built by the company.

The hoverboard offers a massive battery that ranges 11 miles. It means that the battery is a powerful one. 11 miles distance is a huge distance for a budget Hoverboard. The hoverboard uses a SentryShield smart battery system that protects against fire, overheating, and explosions in case of battery failure.

The motor of the device is powerful that offers 250W capacity to run the gadget smoothly. The self-balancing scooter is a good choice with these powerful motor and other powerful specs.

To make the self-balancing scooter more attractive in look, it is packed with RBG lights. These RBGs are not a beauty factor of the electric but it also increases the visibility of the device that is used to avoid accidents.

Some of the other main features that can be lethal for any device are,

Rubber bumpers, to keep your cloths clean even though you travel on muddy surface.

One of the best features is the battery recharging time which will enable you to reuse the device again just within an hour. Battery indicators, two riding modes, and safe stopping features.

  • Broad wheels
  • Two riding-modes
  • Safe stopping features
  • Battery indicators
  • Powerful battery
  • Not good for un-even surfaces
  • Motor is a bit on the lower side

5. Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard, Self-Balancing Scooter

Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard
Wheel Size 6.5 inch
Max Rider Weight up to 220 lbs
Bluetooth Speaker
Max Speed up to 6.21 mph
Max Distance up to 6.07 miles
Charge Time up to 4.5 hrs
Product Weight 19.29 lbs

This is the final one of our products and one of the best hoverboards. The attractive colors and design tilt the device more towards girls. So, let’s have a look at the main features of the Electric Scooter.

6.5 inches wheels are broad and quite comfortable for transportation. Almost all companies use this range of wheels to produce good results. The tires are solid and long-lasting.

The built-in Bluetooth of the device allows the rider to enjoy music. These Bluetooth speakers set the rider free to listen to music without any physical connection to any part of the device.

You can use it for almost 6 miles once you fully charge it. Distance wise it’s a decent device that covers 6 miles. For a budget Electric scooter it is enough distance.

And the speed limit of the hoverboard is 6.21 mph. So, speed is also decent. For kids, it’s a good gadget that will provide a moderate speed.

The battery is a massive that will allow you to cover 6 miles and can be recharged in 4 hours.

The LED Lights are placed in the wheels of the hoverboard that present a unique look when you ride your Hoverboards.

  • Recommended 6.5 inches wheels
  • Battery range is 6 miles
  • Speed is moderate
  • The battery is a bit on the lower side

Final Words:

Thanks for reading the whole passage. We have tried to include every aspect of the Electric scooter that we have selected for the article. Some of them are expensive enough with killer features and the other are bit on the lower side comparing their features to the other the expensive ones.

Now, it is up to you that whether you go for the expensive one which is not that much expensive or you would love to your money on hoverboard that is inexpensive.

This is the best time to get a gift your baby on his special occasions, like Birthday, Christmas and other such festival around the country.

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