Best Laptop For Art Students – Review 2022

Here, in this article, we are going to bring the Best Laptops for Art Students. Nowadays, this new technology with new features has lessened the work burden of Art students as they are available with many tools to work with that make their work more easy and catchy.

Though most of the features are the same still there are some common features that must be taken in consideration before going to an Art laptop. So, here is the list of the common features.

  • It must have a high-resolution and wide display so that allows the artist to draw HD sketches freely
  • It is good to have DDR4 RAM and it has to be higher than 8 GB
  • Must have a good battery timing
  • For Fast performance, It must have SSD + HDD

Let’s have a look at the products and their main features that will make your decision easier that which one will suit your work.

Top Best Laptop For Art Students

Sr# Product Price
1 ASUS ZenBook 14 Check Price
2 Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Check Price
3 LG gram Thin and Light Laptop Check Price
4 Dell XPS 9370 Laptop Check Price
5 Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Check Price

1.ASUS ZenBook 14

Brand ASUS
Series ZenBook 14
Item Weight 2.6 pounds
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Count 4
Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Flash Memory Size 512

The world’s smallest 14 inches laptop to explore the new vision of Art. If you think you can change the concept of art with your artistic vision then what are you waiting for? Order the new ASUS ZenBook 14 and work the way you want. If you have are still indecisive, then have a look at the main features of the product that will make your decision easy.

13% lesser is size as compared to the previous model of the series. So, the new ASUS ZenBook 14 will ultraportable. The design is slim at the same time that adds more value to it portability. So, the ultra-compact and ultra-light design of the model will help you in portability as well.

The display screen is quite impressive due to the Ultra-slim bezels on each side of the computer. The new frameless four-sided NanoEdge design of ZenBook 14 is simply breathtaking. The thickness on the sides measures 2.9 mm and 3.3 mm at the bottom. Tough the top bezel is 6.1 mm which is a thick as compared to other bezels that accommodates the camera setup.

The screen-to-body ratio of the ASUS ZenBook 14 is 92 that will present full HD resolution to enjoy every moment of your screen watching.

Artistic work is all about creativity. So, the product has got a crisp, clear, high-resolution display that makes any visuals look their best. ASUS Splendid and ASUS Tru2Life Video technologies will fine tune display parameters to ensure breathtaking visuals. Full HD resolution is 1920×1080, the screen RGB is 100% and the wide-view technology is 178 degree.

With the help of the ErgoLift Hinge, an engineering master piece that automatically tilts the keyboard to the most comfortable typing position. But this is not the end, the technology also help you in optimizing cooling and enhancing audio performance of the device.

The performance is not affected by the design and the smaller size. The ASUS ZenBook is designed to empower your artistic passion. The laptop is powered with the latest Intel® Core™ processor to take the performance level of the device to the next level. The Core i7 8th generation shows that t you are going to grab the latest one.

16 gigabytes of RAM is there to ensure the processing of the device on the optimum level. This RAM capacity of the device is enough to make each and every task in split seconds.

The internal storage capacity of the device is 512 gigabytes. This is enough to store data for future use. So, what you are going to get is, speed, more space and high-end technology.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 With Powerful Battery

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Brand Microsoft
Series Surface Pro
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Processor Brand Intel
Flash Memory Size 128 GB
Power Timing 10.5 Hours on average

This is the second on the list but the features that you are going to be less as compare to other powerful laptops. The main features of the device are given below.

Ultra-light that is flexible use. Ultra-portable that can be carried anywhere and will be use

You can use it in your couch, on your desk or anywhere you want. If you’re an art student it will be a good for you.

Let’s have the features that will make your decision very easy whether you want to go with this one or you have a better choice than this one.

With the powerful and latest processor Powered by an Intel® Core™, a 7th generation Intel Core i5 Processor will provide you with ultra-fast speed. Multitasking is will be no issue as the powerful processor will enable you to run different tasks at the same time.

With the built-in Kickstand and removable Surface you can transform your laptop into a tablet. This feature will allow you to use you device anywhere you want.

This is not the end; you can make your laptop a creative studio by connecting multiple monitors to it. Dock 2 will allow you to do this transformation.

The laptop is packed with valuable accessories. You will get a signature type cover to wrap the laptop in it. A surface pen and a mouse and both of them will be available in the matching color.

The 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor makes it one of the top contestant for multitasking. The device is also packed with a powerful Wi-Fi connection that will provide you with best performance to connect to globe through this powerful connection.

The back powerhouse of the device is a powerful one. It will provide you with 10 hours backup time. So there will be no issues if you are facing some serious electricity problems.

The execution speed of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will be lightning fast due 8 GB RAM capacities while the internal storage capacity of the laptop will be 512GB. The built-in storage is enough to store a huge amount of data for the future use.

3. LG gram Thin and Light Laptop

LG gram Thin and Light Laptop
Standing screen display size 17 Inches
Screen Resolution 2560 x 1600
Memory Speed 2400 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics 610
Chipset Brand Intel
Card Description Integrated
Graphics Card Ram Size 16 GB
Average Battery Life (in hours) 5 Hours

One of the top-brand of the world that produces outstanding products. The features and specs of the LG Gram are given below.

The display of the laptop is 17 inches that will present IPS display that will present full HD resolution of 2560 x 1600 to provide the user with high quality pixels so that he could enjoy his creativity.

Intel Core i7 8565u 8th Gen Processor ensures multitasking as the processor is enough powerful to handle all the functions and execute them in split seconds. So there will be issue of lagging or delay of a task.

The powerhouse of the laptop is really powerful. The laptop is packed with a massive 72Wh Lithium battery. It will give up to 19.5 hours backup time. It is almost a whole day of power storage.

The RAM capacity of the device is 16 gigabytes that is enough to run any function very smoothly. If you have a huge amount of data to deal with, the 512 gigabytes of internal storage capacity will be there to help you out.

4. Dell XPS 9370 Laptop

Dell XPS 9370 Laptop
Storage Device Solid State
Screen Resolution 3840×2160
Memory Speed 2133 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor Intel UHD Graphics 620
Chipset Brand Intel
Card Description Integrated
Processor Brand Core i7
Computer Memory Type DDR SDRAM

Are you looking for something more powerful, advance and expensive, then just have a look at this massively packed laptop from one of the leading laptop producing company Dell.

The processor of the device is on the high. The 8th Generation Intel Core i7 8550U Processor will make ensure that every task that is handed over to the computer should be processed in split seconds. Lagging will be no more. Just enhance your creativity and leave the rest to the laptop.

13.3 inches Infinity Edge touch display screen will provide the user with 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160. So, if you really want to enjoy the value of your creative artistic work then this will be a good choice for you to have.

The bezels on all 4 sides are impressively thin. This will add value to the visuals of the display screen. You will have maximum screen area to enjoy your creative work.

To produce results at a fast speed the device is equipped with 16 gigabytes of RAM capacity and the internal storage capacity of the device will 1TB. This is a gigantic type of storage capacity that will provide massive room to store data for future.

5. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Item Weight 2.84 pounds
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Count 4
Computer Memory Type GDDR5
Flash Memory Size 256 GB
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

This is the final product of our list. If you can’t afford the expensive ones that have been mentioned then please have a look at the main specs of this laptop that is craft for artistic use.

What is the most important aspect before deciding a laptop is the Generation and Processor of a laptop. This one is packed with Latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U Processor to make multitasking more easy.

Display setup of a laptop is one of the main factors specially in the artistic world. The device comes equipped with Full HD 15” 1080p TOUCHSCREEN that has the ability to rotate at 360 degree. This feature makes the device easier to use.

The device is packing ADM Radeon 540 Graphic Card along with 2 gigabytes of dedicated Memory Card to enhance the performance of the laptop.

The 16 gigabytes of RAM capacity will make the execution speed lightning fast. Just execute everything in split seconds. For an creative studio this is enough amount of RAM to create everything without any delay.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for the reading this far. It is really encouraging that you like our blogs. This is a real force behind us to bring more and more relevant stuff.

Here in this article we target some outstanding products having high-end specs, latest features and best performance experience. Some of them are very expensive as the features and specs demand for a high price. But there are some mid-range laptops for art students as well. They can also go for them as well. They have a decent track record of performance. So, you have more option to choose from.

Now it is up to you that whether you will go for an expensive one if you are to handle tons of tasks or you will the one with reasonable price that will handle a great deal of work.

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