How to Customize Your Hoverboard?

Most people tend to customize their belongings in order to add a personal touch. Most of the time, your items tell a lot about yourself. It also reflects your taste. In this article, we are going to tell you the ways through which you can customize your hoverboards.

Custom Hoverboard

It is a known fact that without customization, you cannot call your hoverboard a unique one as a lot of other people have also bought the same structure. A lot of ways are there to customize a hoverboard without spending a lot.

Different designs attract a different audiences. It is an accepted idea that minimalist designs tend to attract adults. But, the same reaction would not come from the kids. Kids like to have flashy, futuristic, or colorful designs for their hoverboards.

The color and design of the hoverboards make your experience of riding more wonderful.

Hoverboard Skins & Stickers

These cool-looking pieces will attract a larger number of people. Hoverboard skins come in all types of sizes, shapes, and variants. Anything can be taken from galaxy prints. You can also get clean layouts and vibrant and fun designs for the kids.

By visiting the Amazon, you can have a number of different hoverboard skins designs. After visiting any website, you need to find a skin that is compatible with the hoverboard. Make sure that what you get fits your board.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Customization

You can also create everything newly from the scratch. All the details will be up to you. An X-Acto knife duct tape will take you a long way. You need to wrap your hoverboard using designer duct tape in the areas you want to cover.

You can cut the excess tape off using the X-Acto Knife. The more you give the time, the better it will be. Also, you need not worry about covering footpads and charging ports or LED lights at this point.

Sometimes, there is a need to replace a tape from an area. You can place stickers wherever you see fit. Wheels are considered to be the best places for stickers. It is necessary to get the best possible result with the help of some different designs.

Painting your Hoverboard

It is an entirely different thing to do. You should use spray paint for this. Just take your desired spray paint color and prepare it for use. All those areas you do not want to spray must be covered with tape.

Things to be used while painting:

  • Spray paint cans
  • Paint tape or masking tape
  • Sandpaper (optional)

These areas include footpads, LEDs, wheels, and any buttons or connectivity ports. After taping, you may start spraying paint on your hoverboard. It is up to you whether you want to do one color or a mixture of different colors.

Let the spray paint dry for a few minutes. You need to do this till a third layer is finished. When everything is dried up, you need to remove the tape and give your hoverboard a ride with this new style and appearance.


By customizing your hoverboard, you give a splendid touch to the hoverboard. It will make the hoverboard look good and elegant. Painting and adding custom skins on hoverboard will hide scratches and dings. It is to be kept in mind that all the methods are budget-friendly and easy.

How to Customize a Hoverboard FAQ

1) What things do you need to customize your hoverboard?

A number of tools are required depending on the type of customization. These may include spray paint, duct tape, stickers, and X-acto knife, and many more.

2) What are some of the alternative methods of customizing a hoverboard?

People can use spray paint. They can also create their own design using some traditional stickers and duct tape.

3) What precautions are needed to be followed while designing the hoverboard?

During painting, you should make sure to tape up any essential items like charging ports and LED lights. It is also important to learn how you can properly clean your scooter before and after the project.

4) Can we use glue while customization?

It is not recommended because it will cause harm to a board’s internal components. Moreover, it can ruin the hoverboard riding experience.

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