How to Fix Hoverboard Scratches?

These are basically self-balancing scooters that are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Two wheels and a platform support it. Whenever there is any leaning forward, backward, left, or right, the sensors and pressure pads will read the direction.

After it, there will be a balance according to the directions. Mostly, hoverboards use a gyroscope for tilt management, a microprocessor, battery, sensors, pressure pads, charging powers, and a power switch.

In some of the advanced hoverboards, there are fog lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers. The best hoverboards provide effortless movements with steady stops and tight turns. In 50 states, hoverboard’ use has become legal. So, the users must learn, How to fix hoverboard scratches?

Why Do Hoverboards Scratch So Easily?

The basic reason for their scratching is that they rise very much low to the ground. Thus, their plastic construction gets in contact with the ground and scratches itself.

How to Fix Hoverboard Scratches With 6 Steps:

1) Identify Scratches

First, you need to identify the type of scratch. Is it a simple paint transfer or some black tar? If it happens, then you need to wipe using a microfiber cloth which is obviously more than enough. If something otherwise happens, then proceed to step 2.

2) Gathering the Tools

After identifying the type of scratch, you need to gather your tools. You can retrieve a damp microfibre towel if there is a scuff or paint transfer mark. However, if there are deeper scratches then you need sandpaper, a tarp, and a coat of spray paint.

2) Disjointing the Hoverboard

In order to remove all the undershell screws and the bottom plate, you need to use a screwdriver. Lift the lid and disconnect the LED connection. You also need to remove the connectors from the battery and unscrew the battery, control boards, and all components. In this way, the left and right undershells will be raised slowly.

4) Sand and Painting the Hoverboard

Sandpaper must be cut to the same size as the scratch in order to prevent sanding a healthy area. You need to take the sandpaper and sand the scratched area on the hoverboard. Just do it neither softly nor aggressively.

The main purpose is to sand the affected area down. In this way, the area will flush to the surface. You will see that after 30 seconds, all the scratches will be removed or close to remove

5) Prep the Painting Area

Now, lay out the tarp on a flat surface and place the hoverboard on top of it. Then, spray at roughly six to eight inches. Spray it continuously to avoid over-spraying. Spray until the color appears uniform. You have to wait 10 minutes between each coat, and wait up to 24 hours for it in order to make it completely dry.

6) Reassembling the Hoverboard

At this stage, you need to complete all action items in Step 3 in reverse order. Just now reconnect all wiring, re-install the battery, and replace the screws along with replacing all screws.

Pay Attention To Sandpaper Size

The larger piece of sandpaper will gloss over the scratched area and may touch an unscratched surface. So, you need to cut the sandpaper down to size or fold it to match the affected area.

Use of circular motion while using sandpaper is mandatory. The purpose of sandpaper is to smoothen the scratched surface. A light circular motion will distribute pressure over the whole area.

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1) Do not Expose the Hoverboard to Water

It can affect the inner circuitry. It is advised you avoid leaving them soaked in water.

2) Turn Your Hoverboard Off

During the entire procedure, you need to turn your hoverboard off. You also need to let the battery drain out before disassembling in order to avoid electric shock. At this stage, you can also fix the charger for the Hoverboard.

3) Let Dry for 24 Hours

After painting over the scratched area, you should not use the hoverboard for a minimum of 24 hours. Just let it dry out.

4) Do Not Lose Any Parts

You just need to put all the parts in a logical order so that you do not lose any of the important parts.

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How To Cover Hoverboard Scratches FAQ

1) Are hoverboards scratch-proof?

No, the hoverboards are not scratch-proof. Most of the hoverboards ding and scratch with heavy wear and tear. Due to their closeness to the ground, they may get plenty of scratches.

2) Ho to clean a hoverboard?

You need to use a damp microfiber cloth which is good for restoring the hoverboard’s shine. Moreover, do unplug your hoverboard from the socket. If there is a failure then there will be an erratic performance with sludged wheels.

3) Are hoverboards waterproof?

All the hoverboards have an intricate series of electronics and circuitry that are connected to the wheels. The hoverboard battery does not fare well with water damage. It is recommended that you do not expose IP ratings to torrential rainfall. Otherwise, the result would be a broken hoverboard.

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