How to Reset Hoverboard? (5 Best Ways)

With the passage of time, Hoverboards need to be reset in order to restore balance. It means reset is an essential part of having a hoverboard.

If your hoverboard stop working and it needs to reset, then you can reset it by using the simple methods mentioned below.

How to Reset Your Hoverboard?

1) Start your Reset

a) Start now by resetting a hoverboard.
b) Press and hold the power for around 10 seconds.
c) You need to ignore the flashing lights and beeps. These show that the board is in a dire need of recalibrating.
d) Now, the reset process is proceeding.
e) Release the power button and turn off the board.
f) Now, your hoverboard is reset and ready to be turned on again.

2) Recalibrate the hoverboard

After resetting the board, you need to recalibrate the board. It has been completely reset to the factory setting.

How do you know for sure that calibration is the problem?

The following questions must be asked:

a) Is my hoverboard out of balance?
b) Have I already tried to recalibrate?

If the answer to the above question is ‘Yes’ then there is a problem.

How to Calibrate Your Hoverboard

All the hoverboards need to be calibrated with the passage of time. Hence, it is important for you to learn how to calibrate your hoverboard.


a) Place the board on a flat surface. The level will be decided by you to calibrate it.
b) Turn off the hoverboard.
c) Press and hold the silver power button for five seconds until you hear a beep.
d) The top LED lights will flash. Now, hold the hoverboard like this for around 30 seconds.
e) After 30 seconds, turn off the board.
f) The board now be calibrated and riding parallel to the ground. If it is not, go to step 7.
g) If the problem is not fixed then you should buy a spare parts kit for hoverboard circuit boards.

3) Calibrating a Bluetooth Hoverboard

These are calibrated in the same way just like non-Bluetooth hoverboards. However, calibrating a Bluetooth hoverboard consists of more risks. You can overload the Bluetooth chip. This will happen whether you do the calibration correctly or not.

4) Calibrate with Remote Control

Remote controls are the problem with hoverboards. All the kids do forget to turn off the hoverboard and they use the remote instead. In this way, the people leave the hoverboard on “Sleep Mode” overnight which makes it necessary to calibrate the hoverboard afterward.

It is impossible to calibrate with the remote control itself. You just need to recalibrate with the silver onboard button.

5) Most Common Problems with a Hoverboard

Red Light Stays On

The red light shows that the battery is below 20%. You need to stop driving and recharge the board.

Hoverboard Vibrates or Beeps

If it happens then you should adjust your board with the help of the reset button.

a) It can be due to a factory defect.
b) A vibration can also be caused by a collision.
c) You need to balance your weight on the board, otherwise it will vibrate due to imbalance.
d) Moreover, the cause of vibration also lies in the sub-boards. The rubber in the sub-board causes the problem. The solution is to cut one milimeter off the rubber part.

Hoverboard Does Not Turn On

Follow the following steps:

a) After switching off, level the board.
b) Press the power button until the light flash 5 times.
c) Turn the Hoverboard off again.
d) Turn it on to finish the calibration.

How to Reset Hoverboard FAQs

1) How to protect your hoverboard?

You should use protective covers in order to avoid the hoverboard from breaking. The cover will protect the board from scratches and dents.

2) How to identify that the board is charging?

Make sure that the board is connected to the port. The color should be solid red. When the charging is complete, the charger will turn green.

3) What happens if you overcharge a hoverboard?

It will cause your battery to explode or burst. Moreover, the battery may overheat or catch fire.

4) How long do hoverboard batteries last?

With battery charging of around 3-4 hours, you can travel 25 miles per hour with it.

5) How fast do hoverboards go?

The best hoverboard has a speed of about 6-8 miles per hour. All the boards with bigger tires and engines tend to be faster.

6) How many hoverboards have exploded?

As of 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission registered around 99 reports of hoverboards sparking or catching fire.

7) Can you lose weight by riding a hoverboard?

A 30-minute ride can burn up to 300 calories. It is the total sum of calories burned in a 15-minute marathon run.

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